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HHIC plans to design and build a Korean light aircraft carrier in partnership with DSME




- HHIC, the builder of ROKS Dokdo and ROKS Marado, signed a cooperation agreement with Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering CO., LTD.


From the left | Lee Byung-mo (president & CEO of HHIC), Lee Jung-wook (managing director, HHIC),

Chung woo-sung (managing director, DSME), Lee Sung-geun (president & CEO of DSME)



HANJIN Heavy Industries & Construction (HHIC) signed an MOU for mutual cooperation with Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) to win a bid for the construction of a Korean light aircraft carrier and organized a dream team. 


At the signing ceremony which was held on August 19, the two shipbuilders agreed to cooperate with each other for winning the bid and completing the project successfully through concentration on the design of a Korean light aircraft carrier (CVX), which is slated to commence next year. 


It is anticipated that a combination of the competencies and resources of the nation’s two leading shipbuilding companies would generate remarkable synergistic effects including promotion of local economy and co-prosperity. 

HHIC is a shipbuilder which designed and constructed the multi-purpose large transport and landing ships ‘ROKS Dokdo’ and ‘ROKS Marado’ which can be the beginning of a Korean light aircraft carrier for the first time in the Republic of Korea. 


The 14,500-tonne ROKS Dokdo and ROKS Marado were handed over to the ROK Navy in 2007 and this year respectively, and they have been used in transporting troops and equipment for amphibious landing operations as the flagships of the naval and amphibious task forces. 


According to the 2021-2025 mid-term national defense plan, the Korean government has accelerated this project since 2021 to build the light aircraft carrier which is needed to protect coastal areas and open sea routes around the Republic of Korea. 


Unlike conventional large transport ships carrying helicopters and high-speed boats, a Korean light aircraft carrier recognized as a core future national defense force can have various aircrafts such as vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), naval maritime helicopters, marine utility helicopters and rescue helicopters at the same time. It also features high-performance radar, cutting-edge electronic equipment and an advanced combat system. Therefore, it appears that the operational capabilities of the ROK Navy would be considerably enhanced.  


Lee Jung-wook, the managing director of HHIC, said, “The Korean light aircraft carrier will be a collection of the ROK’s advanced shipbuilding technologies and national maritime defense forces.” He continued, “We are going to make a contribution to increase in national interests by winning a bid for this project which can dramatically upgrade the ROK Naval forces and national reputation and completing it successfully through a close cooperation with DSME.

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