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HHIC stands tall as the builder of ROKS Dokdo and ROKS Marado




 - Successfully built two large amphibious assault ships for the ROK Navy, proving its unrivalled technology


 * ROKS Dokdo (No. 1)


 * ROKS Marado (No. 2)


Delivering Marado, the second amphibious assault ship in the ROK Navy fleet, HANJIN Heavy Industries & Construction (HHIC) has successfully built and delivered two large amphibious assault ships for the ROK Navy.


On June 24, the global shipbuilding company had a delivery & signing ceremony for ROKS Marado at Yeongdo Shipyard with the attendance of officials from the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, ROK Navy and Yeongdo Shipyard. With a commissioning ceremony, the ROK Navy officially announced that they now own the second Dokdo-class amphibious ship ‘ROKS Marado’. 


With the successful delivery of ROKS Dokdo and ROKS Marado, HHIC has proven its unrivaled excellence in the construction of warships again. 


Starting with the first home-manufactured coast guard ship in 1972, the multinational shipbuilder was named as the nation’s first defense industry company in 1974. Since then, HHIC has designed and built a variety of cutting-edge warships such as LPHs, LSFs, PKXs with its own technology for nearly 5 decades, strengthening its leading position in the construction of naval ships.  


In particular, even though HHIC is known as the world’s leading amphibious assault ship builder, it has constructed a wide variety of naval ships including multi-purpose training boats (MTBs) and 3000-tonne patrol & rescue boats. In terms of warship-building performances, HHIC is the greatest with nearly 1,000 ships in the Republic of Korea. 


The ROKS Marado is a 14,500-tonne amphibious ship transport helicopter. As the flagship of the naval and amphibious task force, it transports troops and equipment for amphibious landing operations. The ROK Navy anticipates that they would be able to enhance operational capabilities and operate a fleet more efficiently with ROKS Dokdo and ROKS Marado which enable multi-purpose operations in offshore and open seas. 


An official from HHIC said, “ROKS Marado is another outcome of the ROK Navy’s patriotism and Korean people’s self-reliant defense expressed through our advanced shipbuilding technology.” He continued, “We are very proud that we have successfully built two large amphibious assault ships. All our employees are committed to make a contribution to the enhancement of national maritime defense capabilities by building perfect cutting-edge naval ships.”

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