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HHIC sells <Daejeon Haemoro The Centra> in Jung-gu, Daejeon




 - A viewing house slated to open on June 4; 613 housing units to be presold among a total of 862 units 
 - Daejeon’s first HAEMORO Apartment in Seonhwa-dong, a core district for the Daejeon Redevelopment Project
 - A premium apartment complex with great locational advantage



HANJIN Heavy Industries & Construction (HHIC) sells <Daejeon Haemoro The Centra> in #207-16, Seohwan-dong, Jung-gu, Daejeon by opening a viewing house on June 4. A total of 7 buildings (2 basements, 29 stories) will be constructed. Among 862 housing units, 613 units will be available for the presale. In terms of the area of exclusive use, small & mid-sized units (e.g., 45㎡, 59㎡, 73㎡, 84㎡, etc.) are offered. The construction is slated to be completed by January 2024. 


A viewing house can be visited by reservation only, and such reservation can be made through the website (DAEJEONHAEMORO.COM). An online viewing house is also available on the website. 


Recently, Seonhwa-dong has emerged as one of the hottest regions in Daejeon under the direct influence of Special Urban Convergence District and various infrastructure improvement projects. The Daejeon Urban Stream Restoration Project led by the Daejeon Metropolitan City is expected to boost local economy through urban regeneration. Designated as the Special Urban Convergence District, the Seonhwa region has been transformed into ‘Business Startup Zone’ with a great anticipation that it would eventually evolve into a high-tech industrial zone equivalent to Pangyo. As a result, local real estate market is now flourishing. Under such favorable circumstances, DAEJEON HAEMORO THE CENTRA has drawn a great attention from people.



The biggest advantage of HAEMORO THE CENTRA is its topnotch location. As a redevelopment project, the target site is far advantageous in school district and living infrastructure as well as transportation. In particular, Jung-gu Office Station (Subway Line 1) lies within about 500 meters, and Seodaejeon Negeori Station is also within 800 meters. The project site is also fascinating in terms of school district. In the west of the site is found Jungang Elementary School, and Chungnam Girls’ Middle School, Chungnam Girls’ High School, Daesung Girls’ Middle School and Daesung Girls’ High School are within a walking distance. In addition, the DAEJEON COSTCO, HOME PLUS (Munhwa), NC Department Store, SAY Department Store, Jung-gu Office and Daejeon St. Mary’s Hospital are situated near the project site. 


The apartment also proudly presents special for tenants’ convenience. A sliding door is installed between rooms for better movement and communication. In addition, a kitchen space was maximized according to the latest trend. For tenants’ better mobility, a clean zone is given next to the entrance, allowing tenants to tidy up their clothes and shoes as soon as they get home.


A total of 16 items are given free of charge at balcony extension, which is equivalent to decrease in housing prices: ▲ Fingerprint recognition push-pull door lock, ▲ Smart display at the entrance (total LCD OFF), ▲ Entrance clean system (plasma ionizer), ▲ Built-in light-wave oven, ▲ Electric laundry drying rack, ▲ Particulate matter (PM) clean system (clean ventilation, total heat exchanger), ▲ Information and communication class 1 HAEMORO Smart Home System ▲ 10.2-inch home network ▲ Gangmaru floor ▲ Art wall for living room ▲10-inch full-touch kitchen LCD TV ▲ Food waste spin dryer ▲ 1 built-in wardrobe for kids, ▲ Wash-down toilet and bidet in the shared bathroom.



This project also has great future value. The apartment complex which has been sold near the project site already has a high premium for pre-sale rights. Therefore, DAEJEON HAEMORO THE CENTRA has drawn a great attention from people, as so-called “LOTTO SALE”. With the acceleration of the redevelopment project, if the Seonhwa zone and neighboring areas are included, the project would grow into a new huge residential town with nearly 3,000 households. 


A local realtor said, “Recently, Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction has led the sales of apartments successfully across the country with premium and, at the same time, practical apartments.” He added, “I think they try to expand their business here in Daejeon, starting with HAEMORO THE CENTRA. Since this apartment complex is built as a part of the urban redevelopment project, it is anticipated that there would be a large demand for new apartments.”


Meanwhile, the viewing house is situated at #666, Tanbang-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon. The subscription begins on June 7 with the supply of homes to those in need. On June 8, the first-order subscription is submitted. The winners are announced on June 16.

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