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HHIC’s HAEMORO sells premium apartment units in Sinam-dong, Daegu




- Dongdaegu Haemoro SQUARE East opens a show house at the end of this month, 705 apartment units for sale
- A new integrated Particulate matter (PM) management system ‘H-CATS’, clean housing environments
- A key premium apartment complex in East Daegu residential area, high investment opportunity as ‘non-regulated region’



In May this year, HANJIN Heavy Industries & Construction (HHIC) opens a show house ‘Dongdaegu Haemoro SQUARE East’ and sells apartments to redevelop Dongja District #02 near Daegu Sinam New Town.


Specifically, a total of 15 buildings (3 basement floors, 9 to 15-story buildings) will be constructed. Among a total of 935 apartment units, 705 units are for sale. They comprise of in-demand small- and mid-sized units such as 59㎡, 75㎡ and 84㎡. The construction is slated to be completed by February 2023.


A core premium apartment complex in Dongdaegu residential area with great transport, living and educational infrastructure

The Dongdaegu Haemoro SQUARE East offers complete transport infrastructure, situated near Sinam New Town, area under spotlight in Daegu. Specifically, Dong-gu Office Station (Line 1), Dongdaegu KTX Station and Daegu International Airport are within 1km of the subject site, ensuring easy transportation. In particular, since Dongbuk-ro Drive is situated nearby, it is easy to go around inside and outside the city. In addition, the project site has an easy access to convenient living facilities such as a department store, hospitals and Dong-gu Office. It also offers a great view of Palgongsan Mountain and the Geumhogang River. This apartment complex also has great educational environments such as Kyungpook National University and Dong-bu Public Library with elementary, junior high and high schools (e.g., Sinseong Elementary School, Sina Middle School, Yeungjin High School, etc.) nearby. 


The most advanced integrated particulate matter (PM) management system ‘H-CATS’

The Dongdaegu Haemoro SQUARE East offers an eco-friendly air quality management system, responding to residents’ diverse needs. The Haemoro Clean Air Total System (H-CATS), an integrated PM management system in the Haemoro apartment complex, is divided into six zones: common space (apartment complex), apartment landscape, community facility, basement parking space, common space (apartment unit) and apartment unit. It is an advanced PM care system which filters PM in a systematic fashion according to the characteristics of each space. It features diverse smart clean systems such as garden space construction, clean air system at the entrance of each building, sensor-type parking space ventilation system and PM signal lamp. In particular, a quadruple filter system filtering particles (0.3㎛) smaller than PM2.5 by 99 percent is installed in each apartment unit. Therefore, residents don’t have to open the windows to ventilate rooms.


In addition, ‘Haemoro Smart Home System’ adopting speech-recognition artificial intelligence technology enables residents to control diverse and convenient services easily according to their life patterns. It also offers school station for the safe boarding and disembarking of children, high-tech unmanned security system & vehicle control system and diverse community facilities.


Figure. Dongdaegu Haemoro SQUARE East’s New Integrated PM Management System ‘H-CATS’


□ High investment opportunity as ‘non-regulated region’ with large-scale housing development
At present, apartment sales market in Daegu is very heated. Last year, Daegu recorded ‘20:1’ in average new apartment subscription rate. This year, it even reached up to ‘100:1’, far exceeding the average subscription rate. With the background of the development of New Residential Town (13,000 apartment units) around the Sinam Redevelopment Area, the Dongdaegu Haemoro SQUARE East has a high future value under a pre-feasibility study on Loop Tram Line (line #4) and EXCO Line (DTRO). Furthermore, as a non-regulated region, Sinam-dong is relatively less strict in subscription requirements, resale restriction and mid-installment loan. Regardless of if you already own a house, the right of first housing subscription is granted if the required amount is deposited for 6 or more months from the date of housing subscription account. The resale of the right of lotting-out is also permitted in six (6) months from the date of contract.


An official from HHIC said, “HHIC has been accomplishing 100% bunyang rates across the country including Seoul, Busan and Jeju for the past years.” He continued, “Meanwhile, the brand power of Haemoro has improved. We expect that considering its high investment value, the Dongdaegu Haemoro SQUARE East would draw a lot of attention from investors”.


The show house slated to open in May is situated in #677-1, Sinam-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu.    

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