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HHIC wins the bid for the ROK Navy’s four high-speed landing ships




- Achieves 150% of target orders in shipbuilding, proving its unrivalled excellence



HANJIN Heavy Industries & Construction (HHIC) announced that it signed a KRW 316 billion contract with the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) to build four high-speed hovercraft landing ships (LSF-II) for the ROK Navy.


Therefore, the global shipbuilder achieved 150 percent of its target order in shipbuilding by winning the bids for 4 PKX-B-class boats (ROK Navy) and 1 multi-purpose very large response vessel (Korea Marine Environment Management Corporation) for the past two months.


HHIC is the nation’s only high-speed LSF builder which is capable of building both LSF-I and LSF-II with its own technology. In 2007, the company delivered 2 high-speed hovercraft landing ships mounted on the ROKS Dokdo in 2007 and signed a contract for 2 following ships in 2016. They are now being built in Yeongdo Shipyard.


With an addition of four ships from this contract, the company now builds a total of 8 high-speed hovercraft landing ships, proving its unrivalled excellence.
The ROK Navy’s landing ship fast (LSF) is a part of the amphibious air-cushion vehicle (ACV) which emits high-pressure air. It is a cutting-edge warship which has changed a traditional concept of landing operation in modern war because it is operable in tidal flats, river and seaside regardless of the depth of water. 


An official from HHIC unveiled, “Based on our advanced technologies and extensive knowhow in shipbuilding from the nation’s first ACV to Asia’s first diesel engine-powered ACV and ROK Navy’s cutting-edge landing ships, we are going to build the high-speed landing ships perfectly and make a contribution to the reinforcement of the ROK Navy forces”.


Meanwhile, HHIC has also accelerated profit-making businesses. According to the International Maritime Organization (IMO)’s 2020 environmental regulations, the South Korean shipbuilder has prepared for eco-friendly retrofit business.

The multinational shipbuilding company plans to complete the installation of the desulfurization system ‘SOxScrubber’ with Dongjin Shipping within this year. The company has also signed a technical cooperation agreement with Hyundai Global Service, the largest ship repair & maintenance service provider in the Republic of Korea. Therefore, it is anticipated that the improvement of performances would be further accelerated.

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