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HHIC reproves its excellence as a special-purpose vehicle constructor by winning the bid to build fo




- The Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) awards a contract for four more patrol killers…
   HHIC’s order backlog for next-generation patrol ships comes to 16 units


HANJIN Heavy Industries & Construction (HHIC) has proven its excellence as a special-purpose vehicle constructor again by winning the bid to build four more next-generation fast patrol boats for the ROK Navy.

In early October this year, the multinational shipbuilder was chosen as the preferred bidder in the race to construct four PKX-B boats for the ROK Navy (13th-16th). After successfully going through the eligibility examination procedures, the company signed a KRW 246 billion contract with the DAPA on October 31.

With the new addition, HHIC’s order backlog for the ROK Navy’s next-generation patrol ships has come to 16 units worth KRW 1.1 trillion in total, reproving its excellence in the manufacture of small and mid-sized combat ships and high-speed patrol boats. It is anticipated that the global shipbuilder would win more bids for the ROK Navy’s warships.

The PKX-B project aims to build 200-ton or more new class ships to replace aging Chamsuri (Sea Eagle)-class vessels which were engaged in Yeonpyeong battles between North and South Korean patrol boats in 1999 and 2002.

Equipped with 130-mm guided rockets, 76-mm cannon and remote-controlled 12.7mm machine guns, the new vessels’ weaponry is far more powerful than the Chamsuri-class ships armed with 20mm and 40mm cannons only. They are powered by water jet propulsion and able to operate even in the shallow sea.

They also have the latest combat systems such as K-6 remotely controlled weapon system (RCWS) and radar-linked automatic target tracking system. With enhanced mobility and advanced detection and defense capabilities, they are praised as next-generation combat vessels.

The ROK Navy plans to defend the national coastline with the PKX-Bs along with guided missile patrol killers.

Started with ‘Haksaeng’, the first home-manufactured coast guard ship in 1972, HHIC opened a new era for Korean high-speed patrol boats. The South Korean shipbuilder built and provided approximately 100 Chamsuri-class patrol vessels to the ROK Navy from 1970s to early 1990s. Then, it successfully built a total of 8 guided missile patrol killers (PKGs). Therefore, the company’s order backlog for next-generation patrol ships has come to 16 units.

An official from HHIC said, “Based on our superior technologies in landing ships, small and mid-sized warships and high-speed patrol boats, we are going to keep focusing on the construction of the best combat vessels and dutifully fulfill our duties to make a contribution to defending the national coastline.”

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