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HHIC wins a bid for the Navy’s four patrol killers




- KRW 274.1 billion contract signed, a total of 12 orders worth KRW 800 billion
- Unrivaled technology and competitiveness in special ships such as the ROKS Marado and high-speed boats

HANJIN Heavy Industries and Construction (HHIC)’s Yeongdo Shipyard has won an order for four PKX-Bs (Patrol Killer eXperimental) placed by the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, proving its unique competitiveness in the special ship line.

The global shipbuilder announced that it has won a bid worth KRW 274.1 billion for the four PKX-B destroyers (No. 9-12) and signed a shipbuilding construct with the Defense Acquisition Program Administration on November 13.

Since 2014, the company has achieved a splendid achievement of winning a total of 12 orders worth KRW 800 billion for the high-speed patrol boats No. 1-12. Analysts explain that the shipbuilding company once again showed off its unique technological prowess in South Korea's high-speed boats and special ships.

The HHIC was named as a shipbuilder for a guide ship in 2014, followed by three additional follow-on ships in 2016 and four more ships in 2017, and they are under construction at the Yeongdo Shipyard.

This 200-ton, high-speed patrol killer project is to replace the Navy's Chamsuri patrol killer, which was the main winner of the first and second consecutive Yeonpyeong naval battles in 1999 and 2002.

This ship is armed with 130mm guided rockets, 76mm cannon, K-6 remotely controlled weapon system (RCWS) and Korean combat system with upgraded combat power including weaponry, hit probability and survivability. In addition, target detection, maneuvering performance and defense system have been significantly improved.

The ROK Navy plans to use this high-speed boat together with the Yoon Young Ha class patrol ship to defend he front line.

An official from the HHIC said, "We’ve been honored to be chosen as the builder of 12 patrol killers because we have developed and maintained unrivalled technology in the field of small and medium-sized warships and high-speed vessels." He continued, “We make sure that everything is under control in building ships including the No.2 transport ship Marado, and we are going to dutifully fulfill our duties as a defense company”.

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