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HHIC launches the second amphibious assault ship ‘Marado’




- The launching ceremony is being held at HHIC’s Yeongdo Shipyard on May 14 under the control of the Minister of National Defense Song Young-moo
- Loads locally developed weapon systems, improving major features such as combat systems and radar
- Expected to fulfill diverse roles including transport of armed forces, commanding rescue operations at disaster and peacekeeping operations (PKO)

The launching ceremony for the Republic of Korea Navy’s second landing platform helicopter amphibious assault ship ‘Marado (LPH-6112)’ is being held at HANJIN Heavy Industries & Construction (HHIC)’s Yeongdo Shipyard in Busan on May 14 (Mon.) under the control of the country’s defense chief ‘Song Young-moo’.

Nearly 200 officials including Eom Hyun-sung (the Chief of Naval Operations of the Republic of Korea), Chun Jin-goo (Commander of the Republic of Korea Marine Corps), Kang Eun-ho (Director of Program Management Agency of Defense Acquisition Program Administration), Cho Nam-ho (chairman of HHIC Holdings) and officials from the army, Defense Acquisition Program Administration and HHIC Yeongdo Shipyard) will attend the event. In particular, Kim Eun-yeong (head of Marado residents), the last graduate of Marado branch school and Son Yang-yeong and Lee Gyeong-phil who were born on the SS Meredith Victory during the Hungnam Evacuation are slated to attend the ceremony.

The event is being held in order of salute to the national flag, progress report, declaration of the name of the ship, commemorative speech, rewarding patriots and veterans, congratulatory address, cutting the launching rope and champagne breaking.

To give life to the new ship, the launching rope is cut by the guest of honor’s wife just as the umbilical cord is being cut. In this ceremony, Goo Ja-jung, the wife of the Minister of National Defense, will cut the rope with a hand ax.

The 14,500-ton Marado vessel is able to travel at a speed of up to 23 knots and carry nearly 1,000 troops, armored vehicles, trucks, helicopters and air-cushioned landing crafts. The transport ship is also expected to serve in various capacities including disaster rescue, evacuation of overseas Korean residents and international peacekeeping operations.

Meanwhile, the Marado ship reflected partial improvements identified during the development of domestic technologies and operation of the ROKS Dokdo. It is going to feature localized weapon systems such as surveillance radar, surface to air anti-missile (SAAM) and upgraded combat system. In addition, fixed anti-air radar was adopted, improving anti-aircraft detection ability. Furthermore, major equipment and facilities including propeller and elevator were locally developed, expecting improvement in maintenance efficiency and decrease in maintenance costs.

The ship was named after the nation's southernmost island of Mara. In this island is located Marado Lighthouse which guides the ships sailing on the southern waters.

The Marado will be delivered to the Navy by the end of 2020 after trial operations.

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