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HHIC wins a bid for the KRW 100-billion Disaster Risk Reduction Project in the Philippines




- Civil-engineering works including 53km-long river dredging in Pampanga, Luzon, the Philippines
- HHIC ranks No.1 in overseas construction performances in the Philippines… infrastructure development for 45 years

In 2018, HANJIN Heavy Industries & Construction’s first construction order is the KRW 100-billion civil-engineering works in the Philippines.

On January 8, the Korean shipbuilding company announced that it was named “the Developer of Pampanga Disaster Risk Reduction Project” by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

The goal of this project is to improve the 53km-long river in Pampanga, Luzon, around 80 kilometers northwest of Manila. This civil-engineering work is targeted to prevent natural disasters such as flood caused by abrupt climate changes. Specifically, civil engineering and dredging are performed, and levee and bridge/floodgate are being developed. The contract amount is KRW 100.5 billion, and the construction period is 44 months.
An official from HANJIN Heavy Industries & Construction said, “We were able to win this bid thanks to our extensive knowhow and advanced technology in infrastructure construction, which have long been proven in the Philippines”. He added, “We have been continuously taking part in diverse infrastructure construction and other government-led projects and building unconditional trust”.

HANJIN Heavy Industries & Construction first entered the Philippine construction market in 1973. For 45 years since then, the company has successfully completed nearly 80 projects including port, bridge and road. In terms of construction performances, it has solidified its super-dominant position among foreign constructors in the Philippines.

In particular, the wonderful success of many large infrastructure construction projects including the Manila LRT and Davao Airport has greatly impressed the local people.

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