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HHIC wins order for 3 hybrid national fishery guidance supervision vessels




 - Successful contracts for eco-hybrid national fishery supervision vessels of 1,900 tons , Re-verified the unparalleled technology of HHIC.
 - First contract after the merger, Fully ready for entering into the merchant ship market by expanding the business capability.


- Panoramic View on Yeongdo Shipbuilding Yard of HHIC


Hanjin Heavy Industries & Constructions Co., Ltd (CEO Hong Moon-ki) realized the remarkable accomplishment winning 3 contracts for eco-friendly national fishery supervision vessels. HHIC announced that it re-verified its unrivaled competitiveness in technologies by acquiring the contracts for three hybrid national fishery supervision vessels of 1,900 tons from South Sea Fisheries Management Service of Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, with the project costs of total KRW 91.2 Billion.


A National Fishery Supervision Vessel is the government vessel operated by the South Sea Fisheries Management Service under the control of Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries with the aims to secure fisheries order, protect fisheries resources, rescue ships in distresses, and prevent a variety of disasters at sea by guiding the safe work of fishing vessels of Korea and instructing, checking and cracking down the illegal fisheries in coastal waters and national waters. 


Three National Fishery Supervision Vessels are 1,900 tons per vessel, which are 91m long and 15m wide. With 30 crews, the vessel can sail at up to 17.5 knots. The cruising range is about 11,000km.


In particular, the vessel is the next generation hybrid National Fishery Supervision Vessel adopting the complex propulsion method of diesel and electricity which is introduced for the first time in Korea, unlike existing National Fishery Supervision Vessels. The vessel is the high-tech eco-friendly vessel which can save fuel by over 15% as compared to the existing National Fishery Supervision Vessels adopting the single propulsion method and reduce particulate matters and greenhouse gas emission by over 25%.


These National Fishery Supervision Vessel Contracts were implemented earlier in accordance with the “Long-term Eco-friendly Vessel Plan for Carbon Neutrality” announced by the national government last year. The national government planned to expand the commercialized technologies including LNG and hybrid by using them in the public sector and ultimately to change total 388 national vessels to eco-friendly vessels by 2030. 


For swiftly coping with the global demand on eco-friendly vessels and environmental regulations which get more strengthened up to now, HHIC devoted itself to commercialize the eco-friendly vessel technologies adopting the complex propulsion methods including researches on engine arrangement efficiency related to dual-fuel propulsion ships and development of the latest hull form. On the basis of its ceaseless endeavor, HHIC plans to explore the markets including contract on merchant vessels which entered the recovery cycle.


An official of HHIC said, “on the  basis of the unparalleled technologies and shipbuilding experience, HHIC will contribute on Green New Deal Policy and 2030 Conversion of Eco-friendly National Vessels to Eco-Friendly Vessels of the national government by perfectly building a wide range of eco-friendly and multi-purpose national vessels including National Fishery Supervision Vessels.” 


Meanwhile, HHIC will build the hybrid National Fishery Supervision Vessels in its headquarter, Yeongdo Shipbuilding Yard in Busan and deliver them to the South Sea Fisheries Management Service in order until 2023. End of Article.

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